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Mr Miri 2011 (Part 1)

Well, this year's Mr Miri is yet held at Boulevard Shopping mall. It's my 1st bodybuilding experience which I managed to grab the 3rd placing in bantam weight category. I've only decided to join earlier this year so all together it was estimately 6 months of preparation for this competition.. I can tell you so much have gone through and so many barriers arises which cause me to almost give up. But I told myself, since I started it, might as well finish it. And furthermore I've suffered so much on the diet and pretty much it would have been a waste to just give up. So regardless of sunshine or rain, by hook or by crook, I pump my hearts out (which I love to do) change my diet from 85% Vegan to 85% carnivorous (which I don't really fancy) lol.. well, my diet is mostly organic and what my friend refer to as "hamster or bird" food.. heck, the 1st thing I craved for when I cut off my Carbs was Oatmeal.

Since I was working in brunei, so i don't get a lot of tips from colleagues who have not competed before. So it was all the way instinct and memories of tips from great bodybuilder friends such as Cheyenne, Helmi, Saiful, iswandi and many more from Miri.

I've to admit one thing, I concentrate too much on my workout and getting my muscles ready that I've actually neglected a very important aspect... which is the posing stance. I've youtube, googled and researched but never really actually got down to practicing it though. So that's the biggest mistake and I admit that my lost is due to lack of preparations.

And so I arrived early on the 9th June so I can prepare myself. Since there were some complication with my food preparation tools at the hostel, I decide to make an early trip so I can better control my nutrition. And I am glad that i made the right choice. Imagine the only tool used to prepare my competition meal was stripped away 4 days away from the competition and I've to come up with something new which can be prepared without the steamer. So I had raw tuna and egg stirred together. LOL. I know, its disgusting but lucky for the peanuts which filled up as my snacks.

Well, I was only taking sips of R.O. water the whole day making sure it doesn't exceed 22 ounce per day. bt i was still on protein. Another thing I didn't know I shouldn't do. so after being told, i tried taking dried protein powder.. hahaha..... chocking feeling I can say. anyways, by the time it hits 9am on the 11th June (competition day) I was as weak as hell, dehydrated.

Well, the worst bit was the weight in time was postpone an hour later and we only had a couple of hours to load in.. I prepared mine.. 2 medium potatoes and 250gms of oven baked lean beef. bt the whole day i was pretty much undernutrition. Anyways, I was pretty happy bout the number i got that day.. my favourite athlete, Michael Jordan's number 23 for my 1st bodybuilding competition.

It's so good to be back in town meeting lots of good friends and catching up in the pump room was good. I know, I know... so much difference in size eh :P hehehe...

Chyenne is a very good and supportive friend as well as a good advisor.

Well, I weighted in around 5:30pm and weighted at 64.5kg. which is just 1kg below the max weight set for bantam category. It's good enough cause when i arrived on thursday I still weight at 67kg and Friday at 66kg. I had 2kgs of water in me. haha... So I loaded up my beef and potatoes right after the weight in and hope the carbs depletion works as planned.

1st to go was the masters category and there were only one participant and he is very well built and ripped. Same surname as I do, Bong Lee Fui has his color on and I can see that he came well prepared for war. After the masters category, the junior went up for their show while the Feather weight had their colors on and got into the pump room to pump up the muscles. So that means it's time for me to have my colors on.

Initially I got Jo'ana to help me with the colors but time was running out so Cheyenne and Bong came over to get me all tanned up with Pro Tan. Believe me, it takes a little while to get used to being touched by men all over. lol.. Well, I realized that pro Tan's very wet and its very hard to dry it off and the color on my body was as if there were texture. Oh well, there is always a 1st to know which brand suites.

Special Thanks to Jo'ana, Cheyenne, Bong Lee Fui to help me with the colors.

After the coloring, I have to stand it off to get it as dry as possible. Suddenly the air-conditioned room didn't seem cold at all and the direct wind from the air-con was a bit warm. They told me to only pump just before going up on stage so I have to wait till it was bantam weight category before I hit my elastic band and dumbbells. I only did the smaller muscle groups and then... more waiting.

To be honest, I weren't nervous going about going on stage. Probably all the trainings with the lingerie shows I did before and acting in front of the camera helps. I used to have stage fright previously and I was a bit worry on that part. Well, seems like that night it didn't give me any problem on that part.

Well, I didn't finish the whole tub of color.. probably cause im too small.. hahaha

Final touch up.. lots of tapping to get the color even.. :P I was on my underwear though.. cause it was pretty expensive to buy a posing suit and i was on a budget.... so i got my skimpiest "skins" underwear

Bong Lee Fui on his most muscular pose. He's a great entertainer and the crowd were cheering for him the whole way.

The Champion for the Master's Category, Bong Lee Fui


Nothing is Impossible until U think It's Impossible!

Well, lots of ppl would say how hard it is to actually change one's lifestyle.. I was like that too.. I love all the good food, lying on the bed watching TV or drama.... etc... I would not have thought I would be one who is so strict on my diet and maintain my discipline to what I set out to be. I was pretty much a laid back person back in those days. I was really sporty and active when i was younger up till i sprain both my ankles during a basketball game and I've never really exercise.. I love sports bt never found the motivations to do so cause each time when my ankle hurts, i would just give up... Bt that never stopped me from reading bout sports, bodybuilding and health... its just that its hard to bring oneself to actually step out of the comfort zone to actually start doing it...

Oh well, I would say, one day, something struck me out of the blue and so I went back to gym.. twice or trice in the whole year in 2008. I did start off with my friend's dumbbells at home.. on and off... bt tat only build up my momentum till the point i was so motivated that I took my friend's bicycle and cycled to the gym which was pretty far off.... by the time i reached the gym, i was so exhausted that i rode back.. lol..

Then I started getting involved in the local entertainment industry and I figure a good physique is an asset.. so I started to do crunch and more dumbbell works at home. thinking i will have to build up my body's resistant and motivation levels before i actually hit the gym...

And by a few mths, i lost quite a bit of fats... more motivated to workout..

What can I say... the determinations really paid off... i lost lots of my baby fats and even shed off the fats under my chest...

Then almost towards the end of the year, i decide to gain muscle since i don't wanna look like another skinny ripped normal person out there.. so i changed my diet and eat cleaner bt still cheat now and then...

Before the 2009 CNY, i managed to build up quite a bit of muscle with just dumbbells and crunches and watch what i eat....

And of course, CNY was really horrible... I've not started my strict diet.. just better diet and more constant gym.. i sign up for a 3 weeks membership in Miri and workout regularly...

After I returned to KL, I made the decision to totally change over a new life and dump my old lifestyle into the dustbin... With one word and a night, I totally cut out all my sugar, fast food, junk food and high carb food and change my oil to olive oils... I was really in desperation and my mood swings was .... whoooooooo!!! damn... lol.... bt i managed to get by in torture for 2 mths straight without cheating...... after that, my physiques totally changed and my abs finally surfaced........Then one of my good friend, Rainie Lee from KL persuaded me to join the "New Tide & New Icon's Hottest Hunks in Malaysia" cause she thinks i've a nice physique... so I took some shots.. to try my luck and I got into the finals...

We were given 2 mths to prep for the show so I really controlled my diet and started on my supplements routine.. i started with protein.. and then i dump in Hydroxycut Hardcore (the one which was banned... lol... bt its still the best)

Well, I didn't win even with the rippest condition in the Hottest hunks in Malaysia 09 bt i didn't expect to do so. I just wanted to have a base to force me to work harder. with that goal, there's no stopping me.. so after the momentum boost, I kept pumping and even with the Vogue super hunks 09, i need not really work hard for it as I'm conditioned whole year long...

Then I decide to take a rest off the industry and return home to be with my family and hope to spend more time with my parents as i've been away far too long. I was in desperation for gym and so my hunt for all the gyms in miri began.. lol... im a gym hunter.. lol... finally i came to meet Edison of X-gym, permyjaya.. so i worked out there and in a good mth, i managed to change my physique all over from body fitness to thicker bodybuilder physiques. of course, im not the Jacked up type of bodybuilder which every would expect. even though i change my goal, i still maintain my philosophy of staying natural.

Then I got a job in Fitness Zone, Brunei. Which is more known as Wu Chun's gym. lol... and the gym is pretty fully equipped and I was pounding on the plates till i got thicker and ripped.. Again in a mth, i managed to change my physique...

Well, From April to May, I would say, Im satisfied that i managed to maintain my physiques while improving on parts where there is a need to amend. I maintained my diet whole year long without junk food or fast food and only high fiber, medium protein and low carbo.

After I came back to the country, i was training less and I was working as a camera man for a bit. bt the company has so much last minute jobs tat it was tempering with my routine and it was pretty hard for me to maintain. so I decide since my routine is interrupted, il have to maintain a strict diet. and so i did. I've to work from 8am - 5pm and on most days... and i do mean on MOST DAYS if not ALL DAYS... lol iv to work till 11pm o 12pm. and at one time i've to work daily for 2 weeks for an event from 8am - 2am... yet, that never stopped me from waking up 4:30am daily to do some cardio and crunch before work and hit the gym at 5:10pm for 30mins full hardcore intense rountines.. and if im not able, i would come home to pump with my dumbbells... its tiring bt hey, its not impossible...

So Jan 2011, i decide why not I join the local bodybuilding competition.. haha... i was never involved in any... so i know noting bout it... bt i was determined to join anyways... so I started to build mass.. and changed my diet all together.

In 5 weeks, I managed to gain 5 kgs without steroids and minimal supplements. bt heavy on the carbs and natural protein such as chicken breast and eggs.. I was only on Fitness Pro super whey and BCAA. and Finally i decide to try MuscleJuice and with 1 tub, i gained another 1.5kg muscles without losing my definitions especially around my abs. whohoo!

This is not the latest photo bt its pretty new... Im still on bulking phase bt il be cutting down starting 1st may 2011...

well, i would just wanna say, u will never be too old to change ur liftstyle, nor ur habit.. its just an excuse for ourselves not to step out of our comfort zone... trust me, ones u overcome that barrier, nothing can stop you... u just have to take the 1st step and the 2nd will follow.... be determined and focus on ur dream and ur goal constantly.... Believe! BELIEVE! AND BELIEVE!!! have faith!


Let's be who we want ourselves to be......

In Accordance to my previous log...

here's a recap :
After so many years exercising, working out and lifting weights. From Power Lifting to Bodybuilding into Body Fitness and back to Bodybuilding. From wrong ways of weight lifting, learning from mistakes and ripping results with targeted precise routine........ I guess i've some say in this field with my result orientated routine and 100% success rate with my clients. (Not Proven by any organization... Yet, you can ask my clients..... hehehe)

Which was kindly comment by "Mr Anonymous" whom I hope could give more detailed info in his future comments to how a great workout should be and probably add links to his progress and his "PHYSIQUE" for my reference so I would know how a bodybuilder should look like :)

So here it is that I would like to make clear some of the stuff which i've blogged previously >>my result orientated routine and 100% success rate with my clients.<< did mentioned it's just with my clients? But I think i've over rated myself in saying it's 100% success rate and not making it clear for some who would rather see an exact explanation. So I would like to make some amendments. It should go like this : with my success rates of seeing results on all the clients I've worked with previously. And >>targeted precise routine<< should go like this : Strict Form Routine. So hopefully this would clear some air with those who prefer non-flourish language to enhance the reading of the blog :) But of course, Everyone has their opinion on what BODYBUILDING is all about. so what is the exact definition of the word?

Bodybuilding according to Wikipedia
  • Bodybuilding is a form of body modification, involving intensive muscle hypertrophy. An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.
Bodybuilding according to Dictionary.com
  • the act practice of exercising, weights, etc., so as to develop the muscles of the body.
So i guess not all bodybuilder have to look massively big. A person who performs the art of body modification to develop muscles can be considered as a bodybuilder too.

Here are 5 individuals who have made a mark in the Bodybuilding world. And they are all SUPERB bodybuilders.

So don't let people influence your goal to achieve your dream body cause only you know what kinda of ideal "Physique" you should have.

Happy bodybuilding to create your ideal body :)